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2 november t/m 2 december
Opening op zondag 4 november om 15:30


26 oktober t/m 9 december
Opening op vrijdag 26 oktober om 19:00

vruchtbare grond

6 september t/m 9 september
Opening op donderdag 6 september om 11:00

Inner Cities

6 september t/m 30 september
Opening op donderdag 6 september om 14:00
Exposities in 2024


In this exhibition the artist Margriet van Breevoort, Fenneke Hordijk en Henriƫtte Meijer will show some of their most recent works.

Fenneke Hordijk, with three drawings in the serie Time, is interested in the passing of time: the relation between the material and the immaterial, finiteness and infinity. She tries to channel that through her art. The works she will be showing are labor-intensive drawings.

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